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At Caspian Pizza we offer creative Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza dishes delivered right to your door. Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza to enhance your delivery experience. Browse our delicious menu of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza dishes and have it delivered straight to your door. Let Caspian Pizza help you make your next night in the best possible.

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62 Victoria Road
Aston, B65HA

Top Dishes


mozzarella, cheddar cheese and chefs special sauce


mozzarella, cheddar, turkey and pineapple


exotic creamy sauce blasted with chicken and mushroom, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese


spicy beef, turkey and pepperoni, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese


onion, green pepper, pepperoni, spicy chicken and bbq sauce


Customer Reviews of Caspian Pizza

515 reviews


  • Fried were cold and after making requests they didn't action bad service lately


  • Base part cooked and fries soggy and soft real soft


  • I have always been a regular of this place. Last couple of times, the order has been well over two hours late. The food was cold and had to keep chasing the restaurant. There was a lack of remorse and will most definitely never be ordering from here again. You have lost a genuine customer.


  • I wanted the two for one got a large and sauce I never asked for


  • The food is amazing, but the timing of the food wasn't so good.


  • didn't show up


  • This was terrible the worst quality of food I have seen in a while. Service was even worse. This Place should get shut down. I ordered a Donner pitta with no salad or sauce. When my order arrived it came with chili sauce on it. When I specifically wrote no sauce. I rang them and gave them a chance to correct their mistake. I asked them to send me another donor pitta without the sauce again. I waited over an hour again and this time the donor came without the pitta drenched in oil. You can make someone ill with that amount of oil. I am really disapointed with the service and the food. I wasted my money and my time. What a disgrace. Be warned Dont order from here you do not want to get ill.


  • I live in a very nice apartment block but not all delivery guys will deliver to your door. So I specifically called Caspian prior to ordering to check and they said he would come to my door. The food took (a kebab and potato skins) three hours to arrive. He wouldn't come in but when I said I'd checked in advance he changed his tune. Then I got the wrong order. Needless to say, never again.


  • Food was really cold and not tasty :(


  • won't be ordering from here again, was missing 2 toppings and the topping that I did get was hardly any on there, might as well just have ordered a cheese and tomato pizza


  • Service is bullshit


  • Food was an hour late cold and terrible. No apology or compensation. Appalled


  • Food was decent, the salad with the kebab could be improved but good value for money


  • when I ask my children shall we get take away this is the first and last place they enjoy to order from.


  • good value for money however the pizza was collapsed, nearly cold and was an hour late.